Speech is silver – dirty talk is golden

Speech is silver – dirty talk is golden

Tongues and lips are absolutely indispensable for sex, erotic games or even harder practices. For they are made for kissing, touching and licking! But if you use them to give your partner a climax, these all-round talented oral toys don't have to pause. Just use them to "talk dirty"! 

Read here how Dirty Talk works, why it is important for fantastic sex in general and why your cell phone is an optimal sex toy for it.

What is Dirty Talk? 

Dirty talk is basically about using erotic words and sentences to get your partner started or driving him or her a little further during sex. The right message at the right time can be the purest aphrodisiac. 

From one-night stands to foreplays among newly sweethearts to spicing up everyday relationships, Dirty Talk can happen anywhere and can create a lot more passion and desire.

How intense, dirty or even insulting the words should and may be is of course very individual. As with almost all sex practices and games, the same applies here: try, learn and improve. 

Who does Dirty Talk?  

Basically, the answer is: anyone can! Our tip: everyone should - at least try! If you belong to those who like it, you will find out very quickly. And if it is thrilling somehow, but does not go smoothly yet, you should stick with it and practice.

For some couples, a "you are a thousand times hotter than your Chili!" can already make sure that unplanned and very passionate sex happens later in the bedroom. For others it's more of a messenger message with "I'm on my way home. Be naked when I walk through the door! I want to fuck you straightaway" which magically boosts the sex and lets the climax happen on completely different vibrations. 

And again, others talk dirty where possible listeners already might provide for increased pulse. You could - for example - whisper in your partner's ear while waiting in line at the supermarket checkout that you find him or her really hot in those pants and that you could take him or her right there on the checkout tape. 

That could easily lead to a situation where you won't even make it home any more, but find yourself moaning and rolling over your groceries in the trunk while still on the supermarket parking lot.

How does Dirty Talk work?  

In fact, if you just get started, the "how?" usually happens by itself. Juicy dirty talk usually arises spontaneously from certain situations, feelings or desires. Often the ways and channels of communication play an important role and can even help to find the hottest style for your dirty talk.

Dirty Talk – in your face

Whether you scream or whisper: you look each other in the eye, you experience each other directly and create a sparkling atmosphere. Direct dirty talk can be so stimulating that you want to rip your clothes off right away or even make a long and exciting version of the foreplay out of it. 

Dirty Talk while having sex

Dirty Talk gets you hot, increases desire and pleasure. But it can do even more: it is the key to important communication during sex. One that doesn't kill the mood, but helps partners express their preferences and understand each other better. And better understanding is guaranteed to mean better sex! 

Dirty Talk on the phone – it’s hot! 

Smartphones offer many possibilities: you can write 24/7, record dirty voice messages, make wicked phone calls or even have an almost live dirty talk via video calls. Make sure you use this option. For two good reasons: 

  1. you can wonderfully fire things up and get yourself in the mood. The foreplay can start in the morning, even if you don't see each other until the end of the day. Or if your partner has travelled alone or you have a long-distance relationship.
  2. Small dirty messages can also be a good introduction to the topic of dirty talk, because the inhibition threshold is somewhat lower.  

So, type in some dirty stuff right away. It's like " fingering " through the keyboard - isn’t it called touchscreen after all? 

Tips for Dirty Talk – “Dos and Don’ts’” 

There are no real rules for talking dirty – but you might to follow some of these tips:



Sometimes in the heat of the moment you say something very unerotic, stupid or funny. That shouldn’t matter. Just laugh for a moment and get yourself back in the mood. 

Dirty is flirty 

Whether on first dates, in newly started relationships, or in relationships that have fallen asleep sexually, Dirty Talk works as an icebreaker for a great night out. 


If two people have different preferences, it's worth coming together - and then cumming together.


They are a popular element in dirty talk. They intensify the game of dominance and submission and push the whole thing from vanilla sex to BDSM. 

Softer tones 

Dirty talk doesn't always get better when it's loud. Sometimes even little and slippery whispered messages can set certain body regions on fire.

Overcoming inhibitions 

Inhibitions are a completely natural reflex, especially for novices. Start slowly and once you get the knack the shame disappears all by itself. 

Insider tip: Reconciliation 

Transforming the energy of a fight into dirty talk can lead to absolutely awesome reconciliation sex!



Dirty is cool, dissing is stupid. Bad insults are usually a complete turnoff. If you still like it, you'd better check with your partner to see if he/she likes that.


That’s not the way to get your partners to try Dirty Talk. Better practice secretly and seduce him or her with a few really good and sensual lines.