Electrosex: OHMy God – that’s what you want!

Electrosex, electrostimulation, E-Stim, E-Toys... Eh, what!?

Don't worry, we have the answers: electricity and sex combined are an "old" phenomenon, but they are only just gaining their deserved popularity. No wonder! The technology, the toys and the desire for it are currently experiencing an absolute highlight which is really fun - and can really be fun for all of you!

Electric games can of course be part of SM practices, but they don't have to! It's completely up to you whether you want to live in the middle of Electric City or prefer a quieter suburb.

If you follow a few basic rules, electrosex is generally a safe and incredibly exciting highlight that you should definitely try yourself. 

You can find out here how best to electrify your own sex life.

Have fun! 

What is electrosex? 

Generally speaking, electrosex is the sensual inclusion of electronic impulses during sexual activity. You also speak of electrostimulation, in short: e-stimulation. The hardware is commonly referred to as e-stim toys or e-stim devices - we'll go into the most important differences in a moment.

The term electrosex stands for a broad and exciting field, which can range from gentle foreplay to intensive penetration to long climaxes.

So, from tender to hard and from stimulating to exciting.

This unique tingling sensation, bringing ecstasy to the whole body, can be enjoyed alone or in pairs - or in threes... ;-)

How does electrosex work? 

There are many sensitive nerve endings and pathways in our body transmitting information, such as a touch, to our brain. And for this exchange of information, our body itself constantly sends out electrical impulses. A blow on the skin, a gentle caress and of course a kiss or sex is transformed by our body from a "touch of nerve endings" to an electrical impulse, which its send to the brain as stimulation. A touch is therefore always an "indirect" electrical impulse in the body. 

Smarter Dirty Talk:

e-stim devices and toys literally speak our body language fluently: without the need for a translation, the electrical impulse goes straight to the brain! ... and leads to such a phenomenal excitement that we release a lot of endorphins.. 

In our private parts there are particularly many sensitive nerve endings, just waiting there like a big playground for the raging e-stim impulses. 

For this stimulating communication in our body we have to touch a positive and a negative pole at the same time, so that current can flow through us - and this is precisely the place where the magic happens - in between the electric poles! 

There are many exciting possibilities for this: Toys with two integrated conductive surfaces, Toys with one conductive surface and one adhesive electrode as an antipole, e-stim devices with two or more electrodes and toys that can be attached exactly in and to erogenous zones, and many more ... (Hier evtl. Link zum Abschnitt mit den toys, etc?) There are no limits to your imagination - at least not because of technology! ;-)  

High-quality e-stim toys and e-stim devices have easy-to-use controls and pre-installed programs that make electrical stimulation a playful and intuitive setting matter.

E-Sex: Instructions for novices 

The tension is rising: your first electrosex is waiting outside the bedroom door. But don't worry, there' s nothing that can go wrong. We have collected the most important tools, vocabulary and practices for a great first e-stim adventure. 

The hardware: e-stim device or e-stim toy

In addition to many fine differences the wide field of E-Toys can be divided into two large categories: The universal " e-stim devices " to which countless toys and electrodes, etc. can be connected - and the stand-alone "toys with built-in e-stim". 

  • E-stim device: These smart control centres are something like the bridge for all tingling excursions into the endless expanses - and depths - of electrosex! There are no limits to sexual fantasy if you adjust the controls from soft to hard, constant to rhythmic or pulsating to pushing. Whether classic or modern: The exciting pleasure consoles are available in digital and analogue. 
  • Plugged in: Which e-stim toy to connect is a matter of situation, lust or individual choice: there are dildos, anal plugs, cock cages, gloves, love balls or pairs of electrodes for very individual and stimulating e-stim sessions.  
  • Multi-Player: Two-channel devices like the Tension Lover or the Pure Vibes can also supply two toys or electrode pairs simultaneously and provide double (couple) fun! The Zeus among the e-stim devices is the Cluster Buster. It can fire its flashes even into an infinite number of toys and catapults with eight independent and individually adjustable channels absolutely anyone and everyone into the electrosex Olympus. Wireless remote included! 
  • Toys with built-in e-stim: e-stim to go (crazy!). Because with e-stim vibrators and the like, which are equipped with their own pulse generator and conductive surfaces, you have just as much tingling, but less hardware. The e-intensity is easily adjustable via various pre-programmed pampering modes. An easy introduction to turn yourself and others into an electrosex fan at the push of a button .... nice and gently or rather fast and intensive. Our Tickling Truman is happy about new fans...

Turn it ON: Tipps für start  

We recommend that you first become familiar with the stimulation current device "outside the body". The best way to do this is to experiment a little with the e-toy in your hand: 

  1. enclose an e-toy or a toy connected to an e-stim device with both hands - so that both poles/surfaces have skin contact. 
  2. only now(!) switch on the power/switch on the e-stim device. Don't worry, e-toys and e-stim devices automatically start with a low intensity.  
  3. get to know the impulses and stimuli with your hands and try out different intensities. But be careful: on the palms of the hands and in general when the skin comes into contact with the surface, the current is distributed evenly. If you touch both poles with only two fingertips, the current is concentrated on two small surfaces (the fingertips) and suddenly becomes much more intense. So, don't be afraid and, if possible, avoid it! 

Accessories for advanced users: lubricants, toys & co. 

If you know a bit more about electrosex, you not going to be shocked easily anymore... but we still want to introduce you to some very sensual, worthwhile and maybe even rather unknown gadgets.
For more volt in the vagina and tingling e-rections ... ;-)

  • "E-Lubricants": Make sure you use e-tim-optimized lubricants that are compatible with your toys, condoms and the conductivity. Yes, there are special lubricants - like Bonnie & Glide or The Godfather - that not only glide smoothly, but also conduct with delight. A real e-dream! Tip: Generally ensure good skin tolerance and do without products containing unhealthy chemicals! 
  • For him: Penis loops are generally fun, but with e-stim they are so incredibly stimulating that you never want to pull your head out of the loop again. A tickling set of two like Rodeo Robin is fun alone or with company. Just put it on, pull it on, untwist it and get off.
  • For him: cock cages! That's how bad boys get really good and good girls get really bad. Cock Penis cages with E-Stim like the Pubic Enemy No. 1 not only keep rascals in place, they also spoil them with electric impulses during the waiting time for freedom - from sweet to nasty... 
  • For her: Love balls allow a deep vaginal penetration that stimulates even the smallest movement. The pleasure centre and the pelvic floor, which is optimally trained by love balls, are happy. Especially when gentle electric shocks stimulate the vaginal walls and the surrounding muscles.
  • For him and her: Electrodes/Probes (?). There are the small e-toys in the most different forms, with which the most different places can be explored and spoiled. They are light, handy, offer a lot of freedom of movement and bring the e-stim impulses exactly where they should be.

Is stimulation current dangerous or harmful? 

Basically, the stimulation current in E-Toys is harmless if it is used professionally according to the instructions and not modified. For the best possible safety, the following rules must be strictly observed:

  • The most important rule: Never use e-stim above the belt. Avoid the areas of the heart, neck and brain at all costs! The most important exception to this rule: nipple clamps! For example, our hungry Barry Bite model, which can nibble on both nipples at the same time with two bipolar clamps - or also on the labia. Gold edges e-tim-kick included! 
  • Further no-gos are: Using e-stim with heart defect or pacemaker without medical consultation, e-stim during pregnancy, e-stim in conjunction with flammable objects/liquids. How can I control that? Electricity always tries to find the shortest way between the two poles. With this rule in mind it is always possible to check whether the current might flow through one of the three forbidden areas - brain, heart or neck. 

Skin care and electrosex - Tips against skin irritation

The topic of skin irritation is particularly relevant for electrodes and some things should be considered - whether self-adhesive or with external fixing material: 

  • Gently clean the glued areas with soap and water.
  • Trim hair on glued areas with scissors and do not shave.
  • Any irritated areas should not be "played with" again.
  • Cables should always lie or be fixed in a way that there is no pulling or ripping on the electrode. 

Burns caused by stimulation current devices?

The heat is on: Yes. Burns: No! The current intensity and the current frequency are - quite deliberately - too weak for this.

However, genital piercings and metallic spirals can attract the current and possibly heat up. The following applies here: Clarify the material of the spiral (with your gynaecologist) and simply remove the piercing when heat develops. 

Prejudices OFF: E-Sex is SM!?  

It is not necessarily, but of course it can! And to be honest: without the pioneering spirit of the SM and BDSM scene, the technology, the toys and the growing curiosity about volts in the bedroom would probably still be on a par with the first light bulb. 

Electrosex can also be SM - but it can also be anything you want. The number of high-quality and very different people you want. The shere number of high-quality and very different e-toys shows that in addition to intensive climaxes, softer tones, long-lasting stimulation and lasting effects, such as well-trained pelvic floor muscles, are what make "socially acceptable" electrosex.

But as said: The borders between tingling foreplay and pulsing punishments are not only fluid, but with good toys also infinitely adjustable ;-)

Now have fun!