Mystim - Warranty Information

We give a manufaturer's warranty of 12 or 24 respectively for our products, applicable from date of purchase.

Within the prescribed warranty time we will remove all defects of the device, that are based on faulty material or manufacture. Removal of defect occurs at our choice by either repair or replacement of parts or the entire device.

 Exempt from warranty are:

  • Defects caused by inappropriate use (f. ex. connection to inappropriate electrical current or voltage, connection to inappropriate sources of electricity, breakage by fall and such). 
  • Normal wear and tear that only minimally affects the operational utility of the unit is not subject to the warranty. 
  • Warranty subsides if unauthorized intervention or repair is undertaken, or if non-original parts are used.
In case of a defect that is covered by the warranty, please send the device and the original receipt to one of our service partners or directly to us at Mystim GmbH.
No other claims are valid under the provisions of this warranty, unless our liability is based on legal statue. Claims against the dealer based on the provision of the purchase agreement do not affect this warranty.

Please send your items to following address:

Mystim GmbH
Marie-Curie-Str. 5
63755 Alzenau