The „Mystim Sexikon“: a sex-dictionary from A to Z.

The „Mystim Sexikon“: a sex-dictionary from A to Z.

No-one needs smart asses in the bedroom, but it is never wrong to call a few basic terms, trends and practices by name. 

This is why we have collected important, curious and entertaining sex knowledge as well as international abbreviations from A to Z for you. So that you know, for example, what to expect with a one-night stand or in a swinger club - without any "nasty" surprises. And/or so that you can confidently propose and expect the right thing yourself ;-)

Let‘s go:


That is the oral pleasure of the partner's anus. The many sensitive nerve endings in the bottom and anus region invite to very intensive touches: from tender to penetration with the tongue - and from foreplay to anal climax. Read more in our Anilingus blog article!

BONDAGE / short BD, BND 
It‘s the traditional art of immobilizing and enslaving one's partner. The erotic play with power, submission and physical punishment. Bondage is a special form of BDSM and has many faces, from sensual to hard. But also a lot of potential for intense climaxes and feelings never felt before. Why with what and whom ... and how to do it right, read here! 

Big Black Cock 

BAREBAG – because it is a very important term
It means no condom is used during sex. Especially at a one-night stand you should be aware of the term. The term bareback is often used among homosexuals and stands for unprotected anal sex. 

Is vaginal oral intercourse. The range of variations, techniques and positions is long - and incredibly exciting. Cunnilingus can change the world. What's important before, in the middle and maybe afterwards - or what dental dams are - can be found here!

The delaying of the male orgasm. 

CBT – Achtung, Jungs!
„Cock- and Ball Torture“: Games of dominance in which the male genitals (however hard or stiff) have to suffer. Ambitious penis tormentors like to use electric penis cages for CBT!  

A woman or a girl that is seen as a half virgin, because she had anal intercourse, but no vaginal intercourse yet. 

The international term for the "morning after pill", which can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected vaginal sex. 

Abbreviation for the German city Frankfurt am Main – but also something that could happen to you in any other place FFM stands for "Female Female Male". The three-way dream of all hetero-men. (opposite: see MMF) 

Men and women all over the world are looking for the G-Spot. It is the ultimate erogenous zone inside the vagina and is - presumably, predominantly, as legend has it, and also gynaecologists say - about five centimetres behind the vaginal entrance. Rather than a dot, it is a very sensitive zone of the female urethra and can be specifically touched by inserting one or two fingers and gently "pushing" and stroking with the fingertip(s) upwards towards the abdomen. 

Not only the marmalade that you lick from his or her nipples can be homemade. In the erotic language it means homemade amateur porn. 

Erectile dysfunction - stands for the inability of men to get a hard penis. Dear men, then simply provide alternatives like cunnilingus  - and dear women, if your man can't, this one always can.

„Jelly Belly“: Squirt sperm on the belly. 

The international terms for sperm und squirting. 

Stands for "canine", which means dog-like sex games. From the doggy-style position to submissive BDSM role-play.

Describes the female erection or girl boner, which means a swelling of the vulva due to sexual stimulation. Also called "Brad Pitt swelling". 

Is a „Male Male Female“- threesome, so basically two men and one woman. For real girl power you simply need two guys. 

Means „Not Safe For Work” when sending (and receiving) porn or „homemade“ videos and pics. If the subject line or the message says „NSFW“, than you better not watch in the office. Or you switch the whole thing on mute. Or you wait until lunchbreak. 

Short for „One-Night-Stand“. 

Short for „Oral WithOut“: oral sex WITHOUT a condom. 

Anal penetration with a strap-on dildo 

Stands for „Pay for Play“ and means that you’ll have to pay for sex – basically prostitution. 

Is also the "vaginal wind" and means the noise or the situation when air is flowing in or out of the vagina while penetrating it (with the penis). 

Is part of cunilingus: the penetration of the anus with the tongue. 

A wet dream that lead to an orgasm (HOT!). 

A fetish, that means the kissing, licking and sucking of the toes.  

The "ass whacking." Tender, hard, dressed, naked, at foreplay, at BDSM, at sex, as a compliment for partners, during climax ... when isn't it awesome?! 

„Sit On My Face“: the invitation/request for oral sex and the special position/practice known as face sitting: The legs are bent next to the head of the lying "Licker" so that the receiver of these benefits sits with more or less pressure on his/her face. 

The female ejaculation: the aroused, rapid leakage (ejaculation) of vaginal fluid at or after the climax. If HE wants HER to have a good time, then it should be easier using a bit of electricity: vaginal pleasure with electric toys for tingling electric pulses. 

The "Tit Torture" is the treatment, the " torment " of the breasts in different hard ways. As biting foreplay, as support during sex or as punishing BDSM practice with devices such as nipple clamps. 

The desire to have sex with a stranger.

Stands for "uncircumcised penis".  


Firefighter, captain, flight attendant or nurse: Uniforms are sexy. And for some even that sexy that they have to stay on during sex. 

Flaccid penis due to too much alcohol consumption. 

A man or woman, a friend who helps you pick up someone. 

That’s just masturbating. If you're a man who enjoys DYI, you can discover the heaven of wanking right here: with incredible hot masturbators the super realistic Opus E models, which give you an electrifying pulse to the climax. 

W/E – meist: w/e
Means „well-endowed“ and tells that he or she is well equipped: Big penis or big breasts. Useful if you get to know each other online or via chat.  

just like XOXO it stands for kissing and snogging in text messages. This can be a friendly thing among friends, but it can also be erotic texting - also called "sexting". Then it belongs to the exciting topic "Dirty Talk". 

Oral caresses and satisfaction of penis or vagina. 

Doing it dirty and wild - just like animals do. Inside, outside, everywhere.

And here are a few more exciting and important number codes: 
3F / 3F-DATE 
„Film Food Fucking“-Date

69 / „Sixty-nine“ 
Sex position in which both partners pleasure each other orally at the same time - each head at the genitals. 

71 / Seventy-one 
Like 69 – but with a finger inserted in the butt.

Electrosex, or electrostimulation. The best of the best for all and everyone and for all situations and preferences here!