Pubic Enemy No 1 - Silver Edition


Packing unit: 23

Available, delivery time: 1-2 days

Product number: 46622
Barcode: 4260152466222
Packing unit: 23

Get yourself together, boy!

Your days of sexual liberty are over. The Pubic Enemy No1 will make sure, it’ll be noticeably restricted. Insubordinate rascals can be caught and locked away in this neat cock cage with e-stim function. It can only become hard when one takes pity on opening the restricting protective armor.


Persistent disorder must of course be punished. According to the mood of the caregiver and exactly in the intensity you deserve. Through the conductive surfaces on the left and right side of the cage, a gentle tingling, strong twitching or intensive pulsation passes through your best parts. You're already whimpering for mercy at the very thought of it? Well. you’re lucky. Since the conductive surfaces can be removed in no time, our e-stim chastity device is also suitable for stubborn first-time offenders. But don't you relax too soon. If you become so insolent as a prisoner that only electricity can help, the conductive surfaces can simply be reinstalled.

Well, do you match the famous 20cm? Don’t worry - Pubic Enemy No 1 most certainly will fit your member, as well. The length can be individually adjusted in four steps and the diameter of the clamp can be fixed to six different sizes. No need to puss out just now.

No way of escaping: A metal lock with engraved Mystim emblem and a set of five plastic disposable seals would convict you immediately. And we thought about forgetful subs with a stack of signs including the writing "Hands off! This prisoner belongs to ___". Sliding into the cock cage holder, each plate reminds you to whom the contents of the cage belong.

more informations:
  • Beautiful cock cage with e-stim function
  • Can be used without e-stim thanks to the removable conductive surfaces
  • Plastic body with 100 % medical silicone conductive surfaces
  • Length and diameter individually adjustable
  • Comes in an elegant hard-shell case
  • Type: e-stim cock cage
  • Length 82 mm; by using the 3 supplied spacers can be extended by 4 mm
  • Inner diameter 34 mm at the entrance, 47 mm at the widest point
  • Inner diameter of clamp adjustable in 6 steps from 33 mm to 52 mm
  • Plastic body with removable medical silicone conducting surfaces
  • 2 pole s(bi-polar)
  • Stylish hard-shell case
  • Incl. metal lock with 2 keys, 5 plastic seals and 10 ownership plates including cable
  • Electrical device required
  • Connection via Mystim-Plug
  • 12 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS

Hard shell, hard core: The Pubic Enemy No 1 and its accessories are discreetly and securely stored in an elegant hard-shell case. In addition to the cock cage (including the conducting surfaces) the scope of delivery also includes the detailed instructions in seven languages and the matching 2 mm long cable for connection to the Mystim stimulation current devices.

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