Mystim Sultry Sub - Chanel 1-8


Packing unit: 20
Product number: 46511
Barcode: 4260152465119
Packing unit: 20
Our Mystim Sultry Subs Black are true team players: Any number of them will obey their master, the Mystim Cluster Buster, and put out electrical pulses to one, two, three or an unlimited number of Mystim toys in order to pamper or torture you cable-free – just the way you want it.

In order to be able to select different programs, you should make sure to use Sultry Subs Black with different channel numbers (1–8).
There are no limits to your imagination and joy of experimentation with the Cluster Buster & Sultry Sub. Whether bathing for hours in gentle tingling or letting yourself be driven to ecstasy with brisk pulses in the right place - it spoils you from tender to intensive to hard. Are you open to new things? You have the choice between twelve stimulation and five training programs. For example, you can also make the pelvic floor fitter, which is particularly required during lovemaking.
more informations:
  • Sultry Sub channels: 1-8
  • Digital stimulation current device (receiver)
  • Infinite number of receivers (channel 1 to 8) controllable with one remote control (Cluster Buster)
  • Makes all Mystim toys remote controllable
  • Type: E-Stim stimulation current device (receiver)
  • Asymmetrical biphase rectangular pulse
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
  • with flexible belt clip
  • Instructions for use in DE, EN, FR, IT, SP, NL and RU
  • 12 months warranty
  • MANUAL_SultrySub
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