Hop Hop Bob - Black Edition


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Packing unit: 18

Our Bob is one hot bunny

His powerful motor, with 8 vibration programs and 5 e-stim programs, sometimes bounces slowly and sometimes leaps quickly over this hill and then that. He is designed so you can enjoy simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. If he hits a wall, you can very quickly get him going again with any magnetic charging cable.

The vibration programs 

Your Mystim Vibe has 8 vibration programs, 5 e-stim programs and one program especially for training your pelvic floor. You are in control of whether to enjoy a continuous buzz for stimulation, or choose intense intermittent pulsation. A brief overview of the programs is enclosed. However, in this instance as in many others in life, the best way to find out is to try! 

The e-stim programs 

Each of the five electrostimulation programs your E-Stim Vibe offers is intended to give you a new and thrilling sensory experience. Each press on the e-stim button switches forward to the next program. To avoid making the wrong setting, please wait a moment before increasing the intensity when you have switched program, as the wave-pattern programs (2 and 4) only reach their highest level of stimulation after around 3 seconds. 

The training program 

While the e-stim programs described above stimulate nerve endings, the training program instead stimulates the muscle fibres in the pelvic floor, strengthening the muscles in the process. With this program, you should be able to feel your muscles contract. For an optimal training effect, you should set the intensity as high as you can without experiencing the contractions as painful. If you do not feel your muscles contracting and relaxing again, try changing the position of your E-Stim Vibe. The training is only effective if you can feel the muscle movement. To activate the training program, click through the 5 e-stim programs; the 6th e-stim program is pelvic floor training. The muscle stimulation program first runs through a phase of generating noticeable impulses which stimulate the pelvic floor to contract, followed by a recovery phase during which the muscles should relax. Both activities are needed to achieve an ideal training effect. During the several seconds of the long recovery phase, you may feel like the electrostimulation has been deactivated – please just wait a few seconds until the cycle restarts.

Your Mystim vibrator is made of medical-grade platinum silicone. This makes it extremely hygienic and easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. You should also use a skin-friendly disinfectant at regular intervals (please note the relevant instructions for use). Before reusing or recharging the vibrator, please allow it to dry completely. Please ensure that you only use your vibe with water-based lubricants, such as our The Goldfather.

more infomations:
  • 8 vibration programmes
  • 5 e-stim programmes with 10 intensity levels 
  • Training program for the female pelvic floor improves orgasmic ability 
  • Medical grade silicone for a pleasant feeling and high skin friendliness 
  • Especially quiet in spite of two powerful motors
  • Type: e-stim vibrator 
  • Length 16,5 cm 
  • Diameter 3,6 cm 
  • Made of 100 % medical grade platinum silicone 
  • 12 months warranty 
  • Mystim magnet charger and USB-charger included 
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL und RUS 
  • No electrical device needed
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