Extra Spiny Spencer


Packing unit: 20

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Product number: 46607
Barcode: 4260152466079
Packing unit: 20

Spiny Spencer is a monopolar e-stim toy with small wheels that provides gentle to intense stimulation to all body parts. It impresses with over 20 spikes made from steel, so it always hits the right spot. Whether you decide to use Spencer's wheels to provide gentle stimulation or simply let its electrical impulses bring you intense pleasure, is entirely up to you.

Our Spiny Spencers are often misjudget as pasta wheels, alhtough we have to admit that they are perfectly suitable to treat noodles they are mainly up to something else: They are monopolar pinwheels which means you have to use a self-adhesive elctrode or e.g. one of our Rodeo Robin penile loops in order to create the second pole for the current to travel. It‘s totally up to you if you‘re using them like so wheels of fortune or if you let them bring you on the spot in no time at all.

Our Spencers are made from steel and easily to clean. Simply clean them under running water with a mild detergent. Please also make sure to regularly use a disinfectant. Take care to only use skinfriendly cleansers and disinfectants and pay attention to all application notes that come with each product. Please let your toy dry completely before next usage. In order to prevent any oxidation we recommend to blow dry your Spencer. If that is not possible always ensure to position the toy so that remaining water can run o unhindered.

more informations:
  • The needles of the star wheels glide over the skin, heightening arousal 
  • Electrical impulses create more intense stimulation 
  • Monopolar with 5 small wheels
  • Suitable for all Mystim stimulators
  • MANUAL_PinWheels
    (1.75 MiB)

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