Electrode Gel - Adhesive


Packing unit: 12

Available, delivery time: 1-2 days

Product number: 46500
Barcode: 4260152465003
Packing unit: 12

This gel is an electro conductive adhesive for non-adhesive electrodes. With the electrode gel, those electrodes don't have to be taped to the body any longer. 

Again: This is an adhesive - a glue, NOT a lubricant.

Please see our Goldfather to optimize conductivity.

more informations:
  • Electro conductive adhesive
  • For non-adhesive electrodes
  • This is an adhesive - a glue, NOT a lubricant
  • Adhesive
  • Content 50g
  • Includes 1 tube of 50g
  • base price €238.00 per liter
  • 46500_Elektrodengel Kopie
    (27.94 KiB)

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