Egg-cellent Egon


Packing unit: 24

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Product number: 46140
Barcode: 4260152461401
Packing unit: 24

Now this really is a good egg 

Blimey – Egg-cellent Egon really knows how to stimulate your vagina. With its compact size it stays in place no matter how strong you move. And yes, even when you decide to talk your pleasing companion for a walk. Putting all your eggs in one basket really gets a new meaning. 


Well, well well – and there’s still room for improvement: If you kick in the electrical stimulation, things really get rolling. With every little move you make a deep and wonderful tingly and prickly sensation will flow through your whole abdomen. You can have yourself spoiled for hours or be taken to unimagined and intense climaxes. Depending on your personal desires, Egg-cellent Egon L lets you control the intensity, just as you know if you prefer eggs soft or hard. 

Training effect 

In a loving way Egg-cellent Egon L makes sure you’ll get lots of fun. But there is more to it: It also stimulates your pelvic floor muscles and helps to make the region below your waistline fitter. It also improves the blood circulation of your vagina. So, the Love Egg is not only your always ready playmate, but also your ideal training partner.

Just use some water and mild suds to clean it and regularly put some skin-friendly disinfection to it. After it is completely dried off it is ready for the next large-scale operation.

As neat as a pin: The s-stim love balls are made from high-quality, hygienic medical aluminium and carefully polished by hand. Somebody that brilliant shouldn’t go into hiding at all – but some benefactors simply love to work in secret. They love to work hard and with pleasure to create unforgettable moments. And they are hard to stop in their progress. Why can’t just everybody have so much fun at work as Egg-cellent Egon L and his little brother Egg-cellent Egon S.

more informations:
  • Enables deep vaginal penetration 
  • Stimulates with every movement 
  • Has a secure hold even when walking around 
  • Exercises the pelvic floor muscles and promotes the circulation of the vagina 
  • made from hand polished medical-grade aluminium
  • Type: E-Stim Lusteggs 
  • Weight: 4 oz 
  • length: 2.4 inch
  • diameter 1.4 inch C
  • olour: metallic 
  • made from hand polished medical-grade aluminium 
  • Electro stimulation required Junction with 
  • Mystim roundplug 
  • 12 month garanty 
  • Manual in DE, EN, FR, IT, SP, NL and RU
  • MANUAL_Alutoys
    (1.81 MiB)

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