Current Conrad


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Packing unit: 19

Let yourself be spoiled from the head to toe

Always in top form for your pleasure curve, only one is that flexible: Current Conrad. With its classic, slightly curved body, the silicone dildo offers you an exciting tension curve over a length of 27 cm. If it then clings closely to your skin, it stimulates your vagina or anus particularly intensively and evenly via the guiding surfaces on the sides. Oh yeah, Current Conrad just got the hang of pampering you from the front to the back.


The beautifully shaped silicone dildo can be inserted easily and deeply. Even more so, if you use a water-based lubricant. By inserting the 2mm plug of the supplied cable directly into the connector holes and activating the stimulation current mode, Current Conrad will literally electrify you. Depending on the setting, you will feel a gentle tingling, rhythmic pulsing or sensual thrusts. This is not a magic trick, but good ol' physics. The positive and negative poles are separated after just a few centimetres. To activate both poles you need a electric device like the Mystim Tension Lover or the Mystim Pure Vibes.


Once Current Conrad gets going it will get you in the in the mood in no time and then it is totally up to you for how long you want to be pleasured. Enjoy the prickly, lustful sensation for hours on hours or vary the stimulation in a way, that quickly drives you to unbelievable climaxes – just as you like it.

Current Conrad is made of 100 % medical grade platinum silicone and has an elegant, nickel-free chrome handle. This not only makes it wonderfully flexible and absolutely hygienic, but also gives it a velvety soft surface. For cleaning you just need water and some mild suds. In addition, you should regularly add a skin-friendly disinfection.

And please be so patient to let it dry completely before your next play, so it can do it’s unique performance in you for a long time.

more informations:
  • Stylishly curved and especially flexible silicone dildo
  • Classic, slightly curved body
  • Elegant, nickel-free chrome handle
  • Always ready for vaginal or anal e-stimulation
  • For cleaning you only need water and mild suds
  • Type: e-stim silicone dildo
  • Length 27 cm
  • Diameter 3,8 cm
  • Poles 2 (bi-polar)
  • Colour: chrome/black
  • Made of 100 % medical grade platinum silicone
  • Nickel free chrome handle
  •  Electrical device needed
  • Connection via Mystim Plug
  • 12 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS
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