Charming Chuck


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Packing unit: 18

Why only play with your charms?

He’ neither charm- nor harmless and he just wants to fool around: Charming Chuck gives you that tingly sensation – in a nutshell! That would suit you, wouldn’t it? The two broad, bi-polar penis-testicle-belts are easy to put on and be adjusted to your size. It’s up to you whether you want them on the rocks, tacked to the knob or wrapped around the shaft of your tool – and then have them tightened mercilessly. Your lashed down family jewels are always such a fun to watch – especially your futile attempts to get out of that tight spot. Boing Boom Chuck!

It’s a strong charm offensive: Charming Chuck will excite your joy-stick even more, when you add some electric stimulation to the game. Depending on the setting it’ll drive you crazy really slow or whip you to sensational climaxes in no time. To activate the poles, you need an electrical device like our Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes. Please use a water-based lubricant like “Bonnie and Glide” or “The Goldfather” gel, which will also increase electrical conductivity. Which setting will put your corona, your penis-root or your testicles on ecstatic fire? Put on the penis-testicle-belts and adjust the size until the toy fits with just a soft pressure. By the way: The nearer to the body you keep the loop with the black electrical cord, the stronger the stimulation will be.

After unplugging or releasing the adapter, Charming Chuck is easily cleaned. It’s made of 100% conductive texit tissue, so all you need is water and mild suds.

In addition, you should regularly add a skin-friendly disinfection. And make sure to let your (absolutely not prissy) toy dry completely before you play again.

more informations:
  • Eccentric set of penis belts with e-stim
  • Can easily be sheathed and adjusted
  • Made for a firm grip on your privates
  • Fits perfectly tight around the glans, the root of the penis or the testicles.
  • The elastic belts make sure the stimulation is evenly projected.
  • Type: e-stim penis belt-set
  • Material: conductive fibres
  • Colour black
  • 2 poles (bi-polar)
  • Electrical cords for 2mm socket included
  • Electrical device required
  • Connection via button
  • 12 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS
  • MANUAL_RodeoRobin_CharmingChuck
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