Big John


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Packing unit: 12

Johnny, oh Johnny! Where art thou? 

Little John is more than just a playboy and for that he loves to vanish where the sun doesn’t shine. As his body of bright polished aluminium narrows towards his gently rounded tip, it makes it easy for you to insert him; even if you are a virgin when it comes to anal play. There’s a first time for everything and life is full of chances to deepen first experiences.


Straight into happiness: Only a few centimetres and the two poles of this dinky Mystim E-stim butt plug are isolated already. To activate the electrical poles, you need a device like Mystim Tension Lover, Mystim Pure Vibes or Cluster Buster. And then - blimey Johnny – the electrical stimulation can kick in. Already as Johnny stretches you the current starts to tickle, to tingle and to pulsate nicely on you. You can even heat the party up by simply warming Little John with warm water before you play … or by cooling him down in the fridge.


This tingly and lustful pleasure can entertain you for hours, if that’s your game. You can vary the stimulation in a way that drives you to one thrilling climax after another. Or you can save yourself mere moments before cumming. As you wish … or as you adjust your Johnny.

Little John is made of hygienic aluminium used in medical engineering. Just use some water and mild suds to clean it and regularly put some skin-friendly disinfection to it. After it is completely dried off it is ready for the next large scale operation.

Small is beautiful – you will not find a more accurate phrasing than this about Little John. The e-stim butt plug is made of hygienic medical aluminium and carefully polished by hand. Somebody that brilliant shouldn’t go into hiding at all – but some benefactors simply love to work in secret. They love to work hard and with pleasure to create unforgettable moments. And they are hard to stop in their progress. Why can’t everybody have this much fun at work like Little John and his brothers Big John and Giant John.

more informations:
  • Ideal toy for anal play introduction / beginners thanks to the very compact diameter of 6,5 cm 
  • Very easy insertion thanks to the narrowing metal 
  • Electrical stimulation can be felt very early 
  • Made of high-quality and hygienic medical aluminium 
  • For different experiences you can warm or cool before use
  • Type E-Stim Butt Plug 
  • Length 13,0 cm 
  • Diameter 6,5 cm 
  • Weight 570 g 
  • Size XL 
  • Colour metallic 
  • Made of hand polished medical aluminium 
  • Electrical device required 
  • Connection via Mystim-Plug 
  • 24 months warranty 
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS
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