The Duke - polished - 48 mm


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The Duke - polished - 48 mm
The Duke - polished - 48 mm


Clear the ring - for three intense rounds 

Do you accept the challenge of getting into the ring with His Ringness The Duke? With 260 g this cock ring is a lightweight, but it can impress heavily. Top in form and made of high quality pure surgical stainless steel, this erotic piece of jewellery earns itself respect. No matter in which of the finishes it presents itself: brushed, carefully polished by hand to a high gloss or - for bad boys - engraved with skulls. But there’s no need to hide your member. After all, His Ringness The Duke can help you have longer and more intense sex. So, show your stamina round after round.

Be brave and stand your man. Never put the cock ring on, when you are erect. Carefully insert one testicle, then the other and then the penis into the ring. And don't overdo it, you shouldn't exceed a wearing time of 30 to 35 minutes. Happy in the end, but also completely destroyed? Take off the ring – if necessary use a lubricant.

Well, yes – it is about size. If you choose your cock ring to wide you probably won’t achieve the desired effect and it can even fall off. If the ring is too tight it can lead to health problems. So please always make sure that the cock ring is tight, but never unpleasant or painful.

This is how you choose the right size: loop a piece of non-elastic cord around your scrotum and penis so that the thread ends meet above the penis. Tighten the string just enough to feel a pleasant pressure. Mark the two intersections of the line and measure the length with millimetre accuracy. This length divided by Pi (3,14) gives the required diameter. But please do not rule by thumb – you know that many of us fail with the famous eight inches. Oh – and one more tip: Measure on several days at different times, as natural changes may occur. When in doubt, always choose the larger size.

more informations:
  • Cock-ring made of 100 % surgical stainless steel, carefully hand-polished
  • Available in brushed, polished or with engraved skulls 
  • Erotic gem that can lead to longer and more intense sex 
  • Recommended wearing time about 30 to 35 minutes 
  • Available with 48 mm, 51 mm or 55 mm diameter
  • Type: cock ring Finish: brushed / polished & engraved 
  • Diameter: 48 mm / 51 mm / 55 mm 
  • Surface: with rounded edges 
  • Material: stainless surgical steel 
  • Weight: 260g 
  • 12 months warranty 
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS
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